Marriage Compatibility Calculator

Note on our Marriage Compatibility Calculator

This marriage calculator is not an oracle, it is merely a guide. We made it as realistic as possible, but its judgement is not meant to be taken as final. Marriage is a more complicated phenomenon than what a calculator can dissect in a few seconds. On the other hand, this marriage compatibility calculator can be seen as a fun tool. The judgment of the calculator is either so close to the truth or far from it.

Marriage is fun, an important institution founded by God himself. The ultimate guide and direction for marriage come from God Himself. Basically, this is our idea of marriage:
1. Two mature adults fall in love with God individually.

2. When they fall in love with God, they are immersed in God

3. As a result they are both living in Christ. Christ who Himself is a city, a home, a place full of life.

4. In Christ, they discover each other.

5. They love each other, with God at the centre of it all. He supervises their love affair which is established in Spirit, Soul and Body. The bodily love is not consummated till they are joined in holy matrimony.

6. They both get married and live happily ever.

This is what we believe and this is what works best. A lot of problems that are experienced in relationships and marriages will not have existed if everyone follows God’s model for marriage.

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