My name is Michael Adegoke.

I am a WordPress Expert with more than 10 years of experience.

I am excited to have you on my website.

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What I Do

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Web Design

I design amazing WordPress websites that are functional and productive. I built my first website in 2013 and since then, I have created several websites.

Web Calculators

I build web calculators for WordPress sites to facilitate conversions, dwell time and contribute to an excellent user experience. I have built more than 150 calculators since 2020.

Search Engine Optimization

I do search Engine Optimization with a with a focus on Technical SEO. I have provided Technical SEO solutions for clients both locally & internationally.


Wow!!!! My goodness!! What a stellar service!! I am blown away by the superb customer service and quality of workmanship. Michael did an AMAZING job was done. His work ethic, experience, and workmanship are very impressive. Willing to go the extra mile and Superfast too. If you reading this and wondering whether you should hire him, take MY WORD, he will get the job done. AA+++
Highly recommended for web design. Michael is very responsive, delivers quickly and can quickly grasp and execute on project needs.
Michael is my go to Professional for calculators. Straight up to the point. Knowledge on SEO and WordPress is top notch! Building a calculator is not a simple excel spreadsheet process and this man can make hard maths beautiful!
Michael is always meeting every deadline he has been given with a high level of work. He has been given numerous complicated tasks that involve some problem solving and done everything with great professionalism. After all he his work he also has provided detailed reports of his tasks which helps with reporting. I would highly recommend Michael and am sure he will be a great asset in his next role and tasks.


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Free Courses


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Work with Me

I look forward to working with you.

My Mission

I provide specialized WordPress solutions including:

1. Development of web calculators (created 150+ web calculators).

2. Search Engine Optimization with a focus on Technical SEO.

3. I write schema markups for Products, News articles, job postings etc.

4. I do speed optimization for WordPress sites making them load in as fast as 3 seconds.

5. I create alternative stylings that are unique, speed optimized and user-friendly for websites

6. I solve Google Search Console errors.

I currently run a website that has more than 200 keywords ranking on the first page of Google Search Engine Result Pages.

I love helping people and I will be excited to work with you in making your dreams a reality.

In the last year, I have trained more than 200 students on subjects from my area of expertise.