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About the Free Area Calculator

This free area calculator helps you determine the areas of four shapes.

  1. The area of a Square
  2. The area of a rectangle
  3. The area of a circle
  4. The area of a right-angled triangle

All of the shapes above are geometric and they all have formulas for the calculation of their areas.

Calculating the Area of a Square

The formula for calculating the area of a square is ‘length x width’. To avoid errors, it is good you use a free online area calculator like this. This area calculator can also be installed on any of your WordPress sites. You can as well give your users the benefits of having simple and accurate calculations.

Calculating the Area of a Rectangle

The formula for calculating the area of a rectangle is the same as that of a square. ‘Length x width’ is the formula. The formula is quite simple. Both a rectangle and a square have 4 sides and this explains why they have the same formula for the calculations of their area.

Calculating the Area of a Circle

The formula used for the area of a circle in this calculator is ‘3.14 * (Diameter / 2) ^ 2’. A circle is different from all other shapes. It has a circumference instead of sides. This free calculator makes it easy to calculate the area of a circle. If you would like to calculate other parts of the circle like radius, and diameter kindly send me a message in the comment box below. This area of the circle calculator is available for free download as you stated earlier. You can have the calculator on your site today.

Calculating the area of a right-angled triangle

In calculating the area of a right-angled triangle, I used the formula 1 / 2 * Side one * Side two.

There are different types of triangles and they all have different formulas. If you need a calculator for the other types of triangles, kindly reach out to me in the comment box below.

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