10 Things to do before Committing Suicide

Read this post until the very end before ?

  1. Remember that if the whole world hates you, at least one person loves you – God. That is why up until this moment you have never paid for your breath for a split second.
  2. Remember that God created you because you are His delight and He wants to get more pleasure from seeing you. You were created for His pleasure. ?
  3. Taking your life does not give you pleasure (do you know what happens after death?), it doesn’t give pleasure to God neither does it give pleasure to your friends and family.?
  4. Taking your life seems to be an escape route to the problems and challenges of this world that are temporal, but it is just the beginning of a series of eternal challenges, you don’t want to know what that entails.
  5. Life does not end in the world it continues in either of two places – with God, your Lover in His Heavenly Kingdom or with Satan in his Eternally burning Hell (place of fire) ??
  6. Taking your life automatically signs you up with the Devil in hell. Why? Jesus laid his life down for you, he wants to give you His beautiful life and take your own life in exchange. By so doing, He would take care of you, your burden will be His burden and he would never leave you as He promised. Taking your life means you have refused to give it to Jesus, you are the Lord of your life and you have rejected the beautiful offer of Jesus. If you have given your life to Jesus, you cannot take it back and proceed to commit suicide
  7. This world is definitely full of troubles but Jesus has promised to be with you and help you if you let Him.
  8. Whether you commit suicide or not the troubles of the world remains. You only sign up for a bigger trouble by committing suicide.
  9. You are not the only one in this situation, there are many other persons with the same challenges, others have chosen to face their challenges and fight them– headlong. Christians who listen to God find it easier to overcome because they are overcomers by default. How? Jesus has fought all the battles they will ever face in life during His life on earth, death and resurrection.
  10. Dear friend, the world needs you. You are important to me, and I love you so much. I need you to read my posts, I need you to excel and be happy. I know these things might be difficult but they are possible. Christians have a High priest who has borne all their pains, agony and burden. He knows how you are feeling at the moment and He loves you passionately. He sent me to you to tell you that He loves you.

Regardless of what you are going through, there is hope for you. You can smile again, you can be happy and successful. Please don’t commit suicide, you can call me right away if you need help. 07011170602.

Most importantly, instead of ceasing your life, why not give it to someone that can manage it better? So that you don’t lose in both ways. If you cease it, it doesn’t belong to you any longer but you will go to hell (God forbid), you give it to Jesus, you would be forever happy. You would one day be with God in a place of no stress, no pain, joy all the way and eternal glory. To give your heart to Christ kindly say this:

Dear Lord Jesus,

I thank you for dying for my sins.

I believed you died, you were buried and you resurrected to give me life.

I accept that I am a sinner and therefore I need your help

I believe your blood was shed for the forgiveness of my sins,

I give my heart to you and I accept you now as my Lord and my Saviour.

Thank you for loving me first Jesus,

I love you too.

I am now you child.


Congrats! Your life is eternally secured. Kindly call me on 07011170602 if you need help.

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