Holding a Church Service Online [A Complete Guide]

The more technology advances, the more it changes the way people do things. Almost everything has advanced alongside with technology even the way church services are held. Holding a service online is not just convenient for your members that cannot make it to church as a result of age, distance or other factors. It can … Read more

The Absoluteness of Truth

Truth is absolute. By this, I mean that there is an outright fact about every entity that exists in the universe. There is one true conclusive part to every argument, regardless of the logic employed in the argument or the facts upon which the argument is based. There are no mystical truths that nobody can … Read more

The Humanity of Christians

Humanity has to do with the attribute of being humane. By humane, we mean possessing feelings of sympathy, empathy and natural love for fellow human beings. A human being has a Spirit which animates his body for activities on earth. He also has a mind which helps with reasoning and also making life decisions. Both … Read more

A Christian Guide to Worship

What is Worship Worship is something that is given. If worship is given, it means that 2 parties are involved, a giver and a receiver. The receiver in this case is the almighty God, we humans are the giver. We are the ones that do the worship, in other words, we carry out the ‘action’ … Read more

7 Easy Steps to Discovering your Purpose as a Christian

One big issue people have is recognizing their purpose. First of all, there is one person who knows your purpose more than you do. The Inventor of an Invention has a better definition of the purpose of his invention than the invention itself. God created all men, only Him knows the exact reason why every … Read more

Side Chick

When last did you hear someone use the word “concubine”? Maybe Elechi Amadi was the one that used it last on the pages of his novel ‘the concubine’. The common words now are ‘side-chick’, ‘situation ship, ‘open relationship’, ‘intense makeout’, ‘sugar daddy’, ‘baby mama’, ‘baby daddy’, ‘runsgirl’, ‘entanglement’, ‘triangle’, ‘double-dating’ and so on. Some of … Read more