How to Become a Christian

Being a Christian does not mean the following: Being born into a particular Christian denomination attending a church regularly for many years Being a member of a family where everybody is either a Pastor or a Minister of God [Shockingly] joining a crowd at a call for those who want to give their life to … Read more

[Infographic] 7 Facts About Tithing Every Christian Should Know

Thank you for viewing this tithe infographic, to learn more about tithing, click here. Tithing Calculator This tithing calculator helps you determine how much you should pay as tithe. It also helps in deducting your offering and other forms of giving so you the amount of income you will have left at the end of … Read more

Should Christians Fast during Ramadan?

To some persons, it might be funny for a Christian to ask “Should Christians Fast during Ramadan?” but this an honest question worthy to be given a thought. What is Ramadan? Ramadan is the time of the year Muslims all over the world observe some self-restraints from ‘worldly pleasures’ and focus their minds on prayers … Read more

46 Short Suicide Quotes

These 46 Short Suicide Quotes are meant to be read and meditated on, please tell us what you think in the comment box after reading the 46th one. Suicide Quote 1 When thinking of suicide, you need to think thrice not twice. Suicide Quote 2 Life is naturally unfair, if the troubles it brings are … Read more

BBNaija – A Non-Sentimental Analysis [all Christians should read]

There have been many opinions and arguments about BBNaija, especially amongst Christians. Some of these discussions have perched on one extreme or the other. There is a need for a balance perception, which only comes by the truth. There is only one truth, the truth has no variance.  We live in a world where everything … Read more

You Have Authority to Destroy the Coronavirus: A Quick Guide

Coronavirus is a pandemic that has caused so much loss and damage to the entire human race. Every continent of the world has been affected and more people are being infected every day. There has been so much bad news everywhere and the whole world is gripped in fear. Where lies the hope for a Christian? … Read more


Are you Born-Again? That sounds religious. Why should you even receive this? Why should you be born-again or be a Christian? You are rich, influential or even a celebrity. You have everything figured out for you and there is no way your life can be better than what it is at the moment. Well, there … Read more

Is the Rapture Real?

To those who are still questioning whether rapture is real or not, this is just a warning. I just want to remind you that there will be no time for you to argue after the rapture has taken place. In fact, all the people you were arguing with would have been caught up with Jesus. … Read more

7 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Church in Nigeria

Choosing a local church to attend can be a really daunting task to undertake especially here in Nigeria. This is because there are different kinds of churches and denominations with different belief systems and teachings. Whether you are relocating, or you a new convert, or someone that just needs a fresh start this post would … Read more